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Welcome to Brio Lang (0.6.0 alpha)


Brio Lang is an interpreted, general purpose, object-oriented programming language. It includes modules, exceptions, dynamic typing, high level data types, and classes. Brio Lang is portable and runs on many Unix varients including Linux and macOS, as well as Windows Subsystem for Linux. With its interpreted nature and easy to understand syntax, Brio Lang is an ideal language for scripting and application development.

Brio Lang is in its early stages, currently available in alpha with version 0.6.0. All feedback and contributions are extremely welcome. To view or download the source code, please visit us on GitHub.

Code Examples

Hello World

Getting started with Brio Lang is easy! Every program begins execution in the main method.

method main(){
    print("Hello world ✋")
$ brio app.brio
Hello world ✋

Fibonacci Series

# Fibonacci series up to n
method fib(n){
    let a = 0
    let b = 1
    while (a < n){
        print(a, ',')
        let c = a + b
        a = b
        b = c

method main(){
$ brio app.brio

Iterate Over Values

method main(){
    let numbers = range(5)  # [0, 1, 2, 3, 4]
    let sum = 0

    each (let n : numbers){
        sum += n

$ brio app.brio

You can iterate over strings, arrays, dictionaries, as well as user-defined objects.

method main(){
    let airports = {
        "SFO": {"id": 1, "city": "San Francisco"},
        "FRA": {"id": 2, "city": "Frankfurt"},
        "YOW": {"id": 3, "city": "Ottawa"},

    each (let key : airports){
$ brio app.brio
San Francisco