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Download Brio Lang

Brio Lang is available for download on GitHub, and is offered under the modified BSD license. To get started, simply clone the repository to your machine.

$ git clone

Build the Interpreter

First, install the dependencies:

$ apt-get -y install make g++ libcurl4-openssl-dev libfcgi-dev

Next, build the project:

$ make all

Run the Interpreter

Running Brio Lang without any arguments, or with -i, will start the interactive read-eval-print loop.

$ ./bin/brio -i

The Brio Lang REPL can also be launched using Docker.

$ docker build . -t brio-lang:0.6.0
$ docker run -it brio-lang:0.6.0

To execute a Brio Lang program, simply provide the path to your program as an argument.

$ ./bin/brio ./path/to/code.brio

You may use the --help argument to see a full list of supported arguments.

$ ./bin/brio --help
Brio 0.6.0
usage: ./brio [-h] [-v] [-i] [-t] [-gv] [-sym] [-ast] [-fcgi] FILE.brio

optional arguments:
  -h, --help                  Prints the help information
  -v, --version               Prints the version
  -i                          Runs in interactive mode (read-eval-print loop)
  -t                          Prints the tokens from the lexer
  -gv                         Outputs a DOT file for visualizing the AST
  -sym                        Prints the symbol table globals 
  -ast                        Prints each node type in the AST
  -fcgi                       Starts FastCGI listener, must be called from spawn-fcgi

Visual Studio Code

There is an extension available for VS Code that provides language support including syntax highlighting, and the ability to define a Brio interpreter and execute your code.

Brio for VS Code